Korea Bitcoin price information as of February 11, 2024

Korea Bitcoin price information as of February 11, 2024

We will check information on Korea Bitcoin price fluctuations and flows on February 11, 2024. 📊

Korea Bitcoin price

Summary of basic information

Latest price: $48,441.3 (about 60 million won), up about 1.43% from the previous day

Change: The previous trading day it was up about 1.34% to $47,758.2, and before that it was up about 4.05% at $47,127.5.

Trend: Looking at the price changes over the past week, the price of Bitcoin is showing an upward trend during the week.

Price fluctuations and analysis

Historical data: Based on data from January 11 to February 11, 2024, prices are showing an overall upward trend. The gap between low and high points is gradually widening.

Market Analysis: Many experts and analysts predict that there will be significant changes in the Bitcoin market in 2024 and are presenting various technical analyzes and market forecasts.

Bitcoin price in the future may change due to various external factors. You can predict future trends through continuous observation, but investing always involves risk. Please consider market volatility and make prudent investment decisions. 😊📈

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